Ultrafast Instruments for Time-Resolved Spectroscopy

Fully integrated instrument for ultrafast high-resolution time-resolved spectroscopy in the visible and IR range.
Ideal for photoluminescence and transient absorption spectroscopy.

AXIS-QVS • Compact Time-Resolved Spectrometer

AXIS-TRS • Ultrafast Time-Resolved Spectrometer


Our goal is to help researchers get the experimental results they need. We configure and adapt each system to the specific needs of the end user. We will help you integrate the instrument in your laboratory and match it with your existing equipment. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you reach your scientific goals.


Before shipping, every system is fully characterized and calibrated using the Advanced Laser Light Source of INRS-University of Quebec. This state-of-the-art facility offers a series of femtosecond laser systems that we use to test the ultrafast cameras from infrared to hard x-rays. A detailed report on the performance of each system is provided at delivery.