Project Description

AXIS-QV: High-Performance Compact Visible-IR Streak Camera

AXIS-QV is a high-performance entry-level streak camera that can sweep 150 points (8 mm slit) with a time resolution of 3 ps (FWHM).
It is a portable instrument that features a new PHOTONIS intensified streak tube.

axis px streak camera

Portable system with:

  • New PHOTONIS intensified streak tube

  • Available with S20, S25 and S1 photocathode
  • 12-bit CCD coupled by fiber optics

  • EMI-rugged electronics

  • Full calibration on a femtosecond laser


  • Physical chemistry

  • Transient Absorption Spectroscopy

  • Photoluminescence Studies

  • Material Science

  • Raman spectroscopy

  • Plasma diagnostics

  • Laser Metrology



This streak camera uses a new generation of streak tubes based on the 75-year night vision heritage of PHOTONIS.

The tube is built according to high quality standards and features:

  • Picosecond time resolution
  • High spatial resolution
  • Integrated input slit (no need for a mechanical slit)
  • High-gain internal microchannel intensifier
  • Ruggedized for harsh environment

It can be built with different cathodes and matched with a spectrometer grating for optimal throughput:

photonis bilamellar streak tube


Photocathode length (X): 8 mm

Spatial Resolution (dx):  50µm with 50% contrast at the center of the screen

Number of spatial resolution units in screen (X/dx):  150 points


Available Ranges (ΔT): 1 ns to 1 ms

Number of time-resolution units in screen (Nt): 275

Single-shot time resolution (δt): δt = ΔT / Nt * Limited to 3 ps


Standard Sweep Unit MHz Sweep Unit
Trigger pulse Electrical Electrical
Requirements 5-10 V in 50Ω 5-10 V in 50Ω
Maximum repetition rate  < 100 Hz 2 MHz
Jitter  < 15 ps RMS  < 15 ps RMS


Readout type: CCD Digital camera

CCD chip size: 1024×1392 pixels; 7 mm x 9 mm

Digitizer: 12 bit

Coupling to streak tube: 1.8:1 Fiber optic taper


streak camera-normal-mode Normal sweep
The sweep crosses the whole screen and ends outside.
streak camera-timing-mode Timing mode
The sweep always remains in the screen. It is used to synchronize the streak camera to the experiment.
streak camera-focus-mode Focus mode
The slit image is positioned at the center of the screen. The sweep trigger is disabled. This mode is used to align the experimental setup and to adjust the incident light level.