Project Description

AXIS-SXRF V2: 4 Mpix Soft X-ray sCMOS camera on a Flange

We are proud to present AXIS-SXRF V2, the new and improved version of our famous AXIS-SXRF soft x-ray sCMOS camera for measurements from 20 eV to 2 keV. It is based on a new backside illuminated scientific CMOS (BSI-sCMOS) which is able to acquire low noise 4 Mpix images with a frame rate up to 74 Hz through its CameraLink interface.

For a fraction of the price, it is more efficient than the high-end x-ray cameras presently on the market.

We now offer a choice of 3 different sensors to suit your needs.

The mechanics have been designed to allow the user to easily change the detector in case of an experiment mishap or if the experiment requires another type of sensor.

As for software, a generic control application is provided. A SDK and a Tango device are also available.

We also offer the in-vacuum version for more positioning versatility.

axis px streak camera


  • Soft x-ray scattering / ptychography using synchrotron, XFEL or HHG sources
  • Soft x-ray spectroscopy (RIXS, …)
  • Transient EUV/VUV absorption in molecules
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Pixel 2048 x 2048 (11 µm) 2048 x 2040 (6.5 µm)
Size 22.5 mm x 22.5 mm 13.3 mm x 13.3 mm
Frame Rate 48 fps (CameraLink)

24 fps (USB3.0)

74 fps (CameraLink)

40 fps (USB3.0)

Exposure Time 21 µs – 10 s 14 µs – 10 s
Full Well Capacity 100 ke- (STD mode)

80 ke- (HDR mode)

60 ke- (Low Gain mode)

45 ke- (HDR mode)

Readout Noise (rms) 1.7 e- 1.2 e-
Dark Current 0.25 e-/p/s (@ -25 °C) 0.1 e-/p/s (@ -25 °C)
Measured QE axis-sxr-soft-x-ray-scmos-STD-qe

axis-sxr-soft-x-ray-scmos-SP3-qe axis-sxr-soft-x-ray-scmos-SP3-qe

Ref: K. Desjardins, H. Popescu, P. Mercère, C. Menneglier, R. Gaudemer, K. Thånell, N. Jaouen
AIP Conference Proceedings 2054, 060066 (2019)

K. Desjardins, K. Medjoubi, M. Sacchi, H. Popescu, R. Gaudemer, R. Belkhou, S. Stanescu, S. Swaraj, A. Besson, J. Vijayakumar, S. Pautard, A. Noureddine, P. Mercère, P. Da Silva, F. Orsini, C. Menneglier and N. Jaouen
J. Synchrotron Rad. 27 (2020)

Ref: T.Harada, N. Teranishi, T. Watanabe, Q. Zhou, J. Bogaerts and X.Wang
Applied Physics Express 13, 016502 (2020)

Ref: T.Harada, N. Teranishi, T. Watanabe, Q. Zhou, J. Bogaerts and X.Wang
Applied Physics Express 13, 016502 (2020)


Flange Type: DN100CF with M8 Threaded holes
Sensor Position:  0.5 mm behind the surface of the flange
Dimensions: Body diameter: 15.1 cm (6.0 in)

Length : 11.6 cm

Weight 7 kg
Vacuum compatibility 5 x 10-7 mbar
AXIS-SXRF CMOS camera axis-sxrf-soft-x-ray-scmos-camera

Standard Accessories

  • AC power supply

  • All required software

Available Options

  • Choice of different flanges: DN160CF, DN200CF, ISO200K, ISO200F
  • Tango device

  • Custom framed filters


Axis Photonique reserves the ri